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The keyword to success: Comparative analysis of Computer Science research across representative universities in Latin America

Scientific publications are often used to rank highereducation institutions, countries, research centers, using parame-ters such as number of citations and relevance. At the same time,there is a lack of comparative information among the researchconducted in Latin America. In this study, we aim to compare theComputer Science research in which Latin American scientistshave participated, by analyzing the co-occurrence networks ofkeywords chosen for the corresponding scientific publications.To this aim, we collect information, from the Scopus website,about the scientific publications whose authors belong to oneof the two best universities in eleven Latin American countriesfiltering scientific publications only in the area of ComputerScience. Next, we build graphs per university, calculate somestructural measures. Additionally, we define a metric namedUniversity Keyword Diversity(UKD) as a variation of the statisticalequation of entropy for the keywords appearing in the universityresearch articles. We correlate such metrics with the number ofcitations and the university ranking finding correlations as highas 0.8. Our results show that the university with the highest UKDin Latin America isUniversidad Nacional Aut ́onoma de M ́exico(UNAM) and that its corresponding graph is one of the richestin number of nodes and relations